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More than ever, a critical point of view on the social construction of reality is needed. As a critical forum, TERMINAL is mainly concerned with the new communication and information technologies. However, other fields of the technical and scientific activities can be focussed on.

The contents of each issue is divided between several discussion topics:

- The Networks theme intends to address the political management
problem of the globalization of information flows carried over by computer networks and their extension to the market sphere.

- The Technology in the Workplace section aims to look at controversies on the rise of remote working, the return of home working and the changing nature of working in its socialization and abstraction process.

- Multimedia and digitized images are examined both as systems of representation and as a new frontier in technology and science.

- Electronic arts: for many years, some artists picked information and multimedia technologies. Their creations does no more belong to the experimental field but reflect a real alive dynamic arts which addresses numerous esthetic as well as theoretical and critical questions.

- Through the computerization process as a marker for conflictual situations, a global thinking about the world as a whole is the main approach of the Strategy module.

- The Technosciences theme aims to analyse the relationship between technological rationality and the economics ones on the basis of philosophical works about techniques.

- In the light of management structures and information flows, technical and management choices are analysed in the New IT in organisational choices theme. Impacts of new information technologies and legitimation processes are discussed.

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