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Issue 106-107

Winter 2010


Thursday 2 June 2011

Sustainable development versus ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies)



Thursday 2 June 2011 - Desbois Dominique

The 16th United Nations Conference on Climate Change, held in Cancùn, ended on 10 December, 2010, with an almost unanimous agreement from the 192 participating countries, to establish, among other measures, a "Green Fund" to help developing countries finance their fight against climate change, mobilising 30 billion dollars by 2012 and 100 billion dollars per year from 2020. Bolivia alone refused to sign, and announced that it would bring the case to the International Court in the Hague, (...)


Table of contents

Thursday 2 June 2011

Editorial : Climate change : hesitation and procrastination. Is this the path to future disasters ? Dominique Desbois
Sustainable development up against ICTs
Introduction Dominique Desbois, Cédric Gossart, Nicolas Jullien, Jean-Benoît Zimmermann
Part 1 : Green Information Technologies
Introduction Nicolas Jullien
Assessing the environmental impacts of computer technology : methods and limitations Françoise Berthoud, Marianne Parry
“Green” digital technology : perceptions and (...)

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