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How to contribute and to send a paper

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Contribution and submitting articles Terminal welcomes contributions in the field of Information Technology and Society and located in one of its modules or in one of the files in preparation.

Format of articles published:

The editorial board drew the attention of authors that the editorial defending the magazine, which is unique among his academic publications and journals closest magazines.

Terminal is not intended to be a scholarly publication of research and yet the scientific content of articles deserves special attention. Wishing to help develop critical thinking, terminal sleep problems seriously proposed and their foundations. Terminal is not only to researchers and to remain affordable for a reading by readers of backgrounds and various practices.

The authors will include the readability, quality of argument, that there is a problem. The value is measured in many criteria, but also for its originality, its degree of impertinence.

The author, researcher as a social, trade union or association, located in Terminal to a space where new ideas emerge, where testing problematic phase of maturation, outside an academic context, but still in space training ideas and reflection.

Contributions will therefore fall within this logic :

- article focuses on an issue not requiring excessive detours phases by positioning disciplinaires

- article for non-specialists (limiting the number of footnotes and bibliographic references to the essential)

- format around 25,000 -30,000 characters, except in special cases

Anyone wishing to submit a article for publication in Terminal is invited to send an electronic version to the Editor (mail:postmaster@revue-terminal.org) in RTF with Word or OpenOffice.

The texts received will be reviewed by two members of the Editorial Committee or two experts in the field of publication.Texts in English, German or Spanish can be submitted. If selected, the review will take the translation to the extent of its possibilities.

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